Tesla Motors Inc Stocks Increase Thanks To Fuel Car Ban

Jul 15, 2016 06:13 AM EDT | Jomar Teves

Tesla Motors is currently experiencing tough times because of the "Brexit", causing its stock to plummet down.

A report of a fatal car crash incident involving one of its own EVs is one of the factors that caused this slow down. Now, Tesla releases a statement that the crashed EV was in an autopilot mode. Fortunately, the company is innovative in its research and development department, and also active in the market.

Based on scientific and economic analysis, the electric car market should increase in the next years to come, due to improvements in the consumer's knowledge and awareness of climate change.

Self proclaimed "Eco-warriors" are now in an active stand to promote a ban on fuel-powered cars. An article that was posted on Russia Today announced that the Norwegian MPs have agreed to a ban or a reduction in the sales of vehicles that are running on fossil fuels. This will be enacted in 2025.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla responded to this news by tweeting "Just heard that Norway will ban new sales of fuel cars in 2025." He also praised the country for being so awesome and wonderful because of their inclination to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

If a ban like this will be enacted on a greater scale, an example if it is imposed throughout the globe or in the European Union, this would surely reap in massive profits for Tesla Motors, causing their stocks in the market to skyrocket.

Fuel cars and electric vehicles are complimentary to each other. If the production and purchasing of fuel-powered cars are to be banned, it would surely increase the demand and sales of electric vehicles.

Sales would skyrocket, revenue would be massive, and the stock price would dramatically increase.

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