Is Tesla's Autopilot Getting Faulty? Another Crash Reported In Europe, Driver Blames Company

May 27, 2016 08:42 AM EDT | Katherine De Guzman

Another driver has claimed that the Tesla Model S on autopilot mode is not flawless as it has crashed into a parked van along the highway in Europe.

According to The Drive, as opposed to the first car crash reported, this time it was recorded and was caught on the dash camera of the vehicle. The crash reportedly took place in Switzerland on May 19 and the video showed the Tesla Model S vehicle rear ending a Fiat work van that was parked on the far left of the left lane. In the video, it could also be seen that the Fiat work van had its flashers on signaling that it is on hazard.

The Tesla car was said to be on Autopilot but its warning signs and attempt to let the driver take control of the vehicle came too late. Accordingly, the man who owned the vehicle and was driving that time is Chris Thomann as he posted the video of the incident on YouTube under the aforementioned name.

CNET reported that the Tesla Model S accelerated slightly into the van that caused the collision. Although in the video the impact was not seen and it seemed like there was not much destruction, the driver claims that the whole front of the car needs to be replaced including a steel beam and a parking sensor.

The driver blames the car for not being able to spot the van and for the failure of the automatic braking system. However, one commenter claims that this exact situation is something drivers driving the Tesla Model S, or any of their semi-autonomous vehicles for that matter, should be cautious of, Fortune reported.

As per the warning of Tesla, the traffic-aware cruise feature of the vehicle may not brake or decelerate for stationary vehicles. This is especially applicable when one drives over 50 mph and a vehicle that one follows moves out of the driving path or when a stationary vehicle or object is in front of the Tesla car being driven.

The warning from Tesla adds, "Depending on TrafficAware Cruise Control to avoid a collision can result in serious injury or death." The driver did comment back saying that he could have reacted sooner but when the car slows down most of the time, people tend to trust that it would do the same the following time it is put in such situation. Tesla issued a statement almost similar to their earlier-issued warning regarding their auto-pilot feature.

The video has since been made private by the uploader. 

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