Senior Management For North America Branch Of Nissan Changes, Mayra Gonzales Is First Ever Female Executive

May 18, 2016 05:43 AM EDT | Katherine De Guzman


Nissan has announced that their senior management appointments will be changing for their Japan, China, and Mexico branches in order to strengthen their Marketing and Sales operations and the first ever female executive has been tapped for one of the posts.

According to Automotive World, Jose Muñoz, executive vice president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML) and the chairman for Nissan North America, the move will demonstrate the diversity of the company's "talented leadership."

He added that one of their key leaders will be moving to China and they will be appointing their first ever female president of a country head in the history of their company. He is referring to Myra Gonzalez, who is currently the regional vice president for Nissan Mexicana.

Her experiences include Customer Quality, Sales and Dealer Network Development both in North and South America. Muñoz noted that Gonzalez has proven to be an "effective and gifted executive during her time in Nissan Mexico."

As for the key leader to be moving to China, Muñoz is referring to Airton Cousseau, who is currently the president of Nissan Mexicana. He will become the vice president of Dongfeng Motoer Co., Ltd. As well as the managing director of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co.

Market Wired reported that the background of Cousseau in export sales, marketing, finance, dealer network development and aftersales have helped him to maintain the 83 consecutive months of leading the market share in Mexico. With that, Nissan expects that his expertise will lead the dealer network in China to develop and grow as much as that in Mexico.

Cousseau will be reporting directly to the President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Jun Seki and he will be succeeding the position from Susumu Uchikoshi. Uchikoshi will be returning to NML for the role of a regional senior vice president for Japan Marketing and Sales.

Muñoz added that Cousseau performed at a very high level during his time as the president in Nissan Mexico and they expect that he will provide Dongfeng the same strong performance in order to attain the company's full potential in the country.

All of the changes are to take effect on July 1 this year. 

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