Can Ford's EcoBlue Engine Solve Future Emissions Problems?

Apr 28, 2016 05:30 AM EDT | Catherin Lue


Ford's fuel-saving technology have been widely popular among buyers of its Mustangs and Fiesta hatchbacks, and the company's next move would be dealing with a new turbo-diesel engine which could help limit diesel emissions. The company has announced its latest addition to its EcoBoost gasoline engines, aptly named EcoBlue.

GizMag reported that Ford Motors is introducing the EcoBlue engine, which would deliver up to 13 percent in fuel savings. With a more refined design and improved performance, the engine would likely lower down friction using the said engine.

The 2.0 liter EcoBlue engine would be fitted with a 0.39 inch turn over/crank, which would allow a reduced piston side-load as well as lessened friction against the cylinder block wall. An optimal camshaft detail and valvetrain would also add to the new engine's fuel efficient feature.

The EcoBlue engine's inlet manifold would also be styled with a mirror-like porting design. The system would enable a uniformed air/fuel mixtures in its 4 cylinders through a clockwise airflow motion. Dr. Werner Willems, a specialist on combustion systems, said that the mechanism in the EcoBlue engine would transform fuel into more effective energy among the predecessor engines Ford has produced, according to the news agency.

Ford's outgoing engine, which bests at 2.2 liter capacity, paled in comparison to the new 2.0 liter EcoBlue engine, according to Autoblog. The low-range torque of the EcoBlue showed 20 percent improvement at 1,250 rpm, making public driving a more relaxed experience.

Amidst ongoing diesel emissions scandals, the company said that the new engine meets strict Euro-6 emission protocols for September 2016, moving forward. Commercial vehicles would be able to try the EcoBlue engine in three different ranges, from an eco-friendly 105 hp to 170 hp. Ford Motors is also planning to produce upgraded versions of the new engine, which could give up to 240 hp in regular cars.

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