Richard Branson: Marussia Virgin Racing to Success

Jun 08, 2012 01:10 PM EDT | Judith Davis

When you think of fabulous and eccentric wealthy individuals, the name Sir Richard Branson may come to mind.  This is because Branson has made a career of performing some of the most outrageous stunts to promote the Virgin brand or a specific cause he believes in.  

Richard Branson, who is founder of the Virgin media empire very different than many Chairman and CEO's in his position in that is non your conventional person charge.  What is even more interesting is that this seems to be a goal of his and it really has been to his advantage in many ventures.  Since he has been in charge of the brand, he has taken chances with his airline Virgin Atlantic and now Virgin America.  

Now while not all endeavors that Sir Richard has embarked upon have done well, there are far more that have taken off well.  And he is always adaptable and willing to change to stay relevant.   He beat the  odds launching an airline that has been very successful around the world.   

When the music industry was changing and Virgin Music was floundering, he made a splash with mobile technology barely missing a beat and lunched Virgin Mobile.

Now he has turned his attentions to cars and racing, with Marussia Virgin Racing sponsoring events where he launches a partnership with the film Cars 2 in 2011 and most recently losing a bet against Tony Fernandes who is head of AirAsia.  

In the terms of the wager, the owner of the team that finished the lower end of the two would have to serve as a flight attendant on the winner's airline.

Just nine months and 19 races later, Team Lotus' Tony Fernandes came out on top which meant Richard Branson would have to wear a sexy red AirAsia female flight attendant uniform and become an AirAsia Allstar for a day.

Within Branson, having such a great sense of humor, there is even a way passengers can become a part of this event by visiting: Marussia Virgin Racing.

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