Karma Automotive Tries To Get Out Of Tesla's Shadow, Renames Plug-In Sports Sedan Flagship Model

Apr 27, 2016 06:00 AM EDT | Vanessa Doctor


Karma Automotive is reportedly planning to return to auto production in summer 2016 and will introduce a new name. The new model, dubbed “Karma Revero,” is intended to remove all links with its original maker, Henry Fisker.

Karma Automotive is reportedly working to launch a luxury electric car with a new battery, charger and electrical controls, among other features.

Wall Street Journal writes that the company will be naming the new vehicle Karma Revero to sever all ties with its former manufacturer, Valmet Automotive, and hopefully create a good and lasting impact on new customers.

World Car Fans reveals that in Finland, Valmet Automotive only managed to make 1,950 units of the Fisker Karma before the company went bankrupt. The Fisker Karma was a plug-in hybrid sports sedan that retailed at $115,000. Although it was a radical vehicle when it launched in 2011, its aesthetics were given more attention as compared to its technology.

According to Forbes, the fuel economy of the Fisker Karma failed to make a good impression on many potential drivers. At the time, Tesla was at the top after it released the significantly better all-electric Model S. Karma Automotive’s recent move will hopefully help it build a reputation of its own that can compete with Tesla’s creations.

In 2014, Wanxiang Group Corp. from China bought the company assets and planned to set up a new factory in Los Angeles, California to create the new Karma model. Valmet Automotive was renamed to Karma Automotive.

Jim Taylor, chief marketing officer, said that “Revero” means “truth” in Latin, which is consistent with their Karma brand. He continued that the brand will be unique and available globally for registration and trademark purposes. He added that the redesigned model will include major upgrades in terms of electronics systems, battery, charger, wiring and tech to prevent the old issues that plagued the Fisker Karma. The adjustments will reportedly be invisible to the naked eye, so the exterior and interior stylings will most likely remain the same as the original model.

Not a lot of details about the Karma Revero has been revealed yet, although it will be the company’s flagship model. Based on the company website, the car will provide a unique fusion of advanced technology and timeless design for luxury car enthusiasts.

More updates and details on the Karma Revero are expected soon. Production is set to begin in summer 2016 so the car may release sometime in 2017 or 2018.

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