Self-Driving Cars: California Maybe Seeing A.I. Drivers Soon

Apr 26, 2016 04:40 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen

Startups and crowdfunding schemes are nothing new these days; it has already extended to the auto industry. As more tech startups are sprouting as we speak, one concept is currently being explored, and that is with A.I for self-driving cars.

Another Silicon Valley tech startup called has received permission from the state of California to do trial runs of autonomous cars on its roads, according to The Verge. Last year, the company reportedly received up to $12 million in funding for artificial intelligence for self-driving cars.

Aside from being the 13th firm to receive the go-signal from the California state, the company aims to integrate a deep-seated kind of learning to self-driving technology. is also committed to letting its A.I. driver to learn and manipulate the vehicle on its own, and not just follow through a set of pre-programmed driving instructions.

That is also like saying, the company's A.I. concept for self-driving cars will be tested with constant exposure to driving and encountering varied scenarios on the road. Just like MIT's mini duck-taxis,'s intro technology hopes to let the A.I. improve itself over time, as per the news agency.

In a previous related report by the Wall Street Journal, the company also said in a media release that it is working on software which employs a small computer, which in turn controls the car. The company hopes to use the expertise its people have in the field of robotics to bring about newer concepts for self-driving cars, compared to auto makers who use multi-million dollar budgets in their research.

According to the company's website, is made up of former lab researchers from the A.I. Lab of Stanford University, and are looking for like-minded individuals who would like to be a part of their specialized team.

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