Tesla Model 3 Changes Car Legacy, Forget The Old, Grab The Future, Tesla As the First Autonomous Car Rises

Apr 25, 2016 07:03 AM EDT | Alexa Parker

Tesla is reshaping the car industry in more ways than one. It has been noted that Tesla Model 3 can reshape history by forgetting the old ways and grabbing the future of turning Tesla Model 3 as the first autonomous car.

Tesla is not giving all the stops and pauses to its competitors. It has maintained its stance and has further grasped the future by pinpointing the strength and the muscle of the Tesla Model 3 particularly in fortifying the autonomy features.

To prove the latter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, "There's mounting speculation among experts that the next level feature Musk is teasing for the Model 3, a feature expected to get its own big unveiling event, is autonomous operation.

Forbes also reported that "Tesla almost certainly has more data for improving their software than Google." Given the notion as true, Tesla may as very well outpace Google's aims to dominate the electric car industry. All the more, while Google relies on expensive technological advancements to improve their segments, Tesla did not.

Tesla has utilized the cheapest means and the less expensive hardware so that it can implement mass-market options, falling to mark up price of $35,000 for Model 3, according to the same post.

Nevertheless, despite the growing challenges that Tesla Model 3 has faced, it persisted and still gained more pre-orders in comparison to its counterparts. Despite the rising hurdles such as Regulation requirements, and city and highway driving, Tesla still has a long way to go but it is not impeding the company's aims for dominance on the road.

More report from Clean Technica relayed that Tesla's overall methods is to be equipped with the needed data to counter the needs and challenges forecast to arise on the road. According to the post, "When these de-facto test drivers overrode the system, Tesla's sensors and learning algorithms took special note, allowing the company to used its growing data set to continually improve the autonomous-driving experience for Tesla's entire fleet."

It remains uncertain on how Tesla Model 3 can change the car industry with its ways of forgetting old system and grabbing the future means to ride. Also, as the world awaits the coming of the Tesla Model 3, only then will the query of the Tesla Model 3 as the first autonomous car be answered.

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