GPS Bullets Help Police Catch Criminals; No More Car Chases

Apr 23, 2016 07:13 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen


A U.S. police department is taking matters seriously with increasing crime rates using bullet trackers. The technology is already being tested in the state of Milwaukee and has been received with positive marks.

Rogue drivers, beware, as the Milwaukee Police Department has been adapting to the connected technology trend with their GPS bullets, according to The Daily Mail. The initiative was created to allow police officers to chase fleeing drivers and even criminals without actually doing the chase.

Developed by StarChase, the GPS bullets are fired from police cars testing the technology and they stick to the car being chased. The vehicle can then traced via a GPS monitor and still be followed by the police. Any evidence left could still be obtained by the officers even if the rogue drivers escaped.

The police officer takes a remote control and if the driver flees, the officer would then press a button and the tracker is launched towards the car being examined. Should the car flee with the tracker attached to it, the officers can then trail behind or be at a safer distance and eventually monitor the location real-time. The company which makes these special bullets, California-based StarChase, also said that the rogue driver can be busted in a more secure and safe area, such as when the fleeing suspect arrives home.

In a related Sky News report, the GPS bullets are battery powered and are fired via a compressed-air launcher. The bullet launcher is attached to the front of the officers' cars. The fired bullet is then tracked thru Google Maps, whereas the system is around $5K per vehicle and is activated using a button on the police car's key indicator. The Wauwatosa Police Department (WPD) hopes for crime rates to lower down as police officers are more used to using the GPS bullets in their rounds.

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