Tesla Model X Faces Backlash Over Glitches

Apr 23, 2016 04:50 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen


Tesla's Model X crossover SUV may be sliding a bit on its popularity nowadays as owners of the said model have faced a series of backlash over some glitches. Customers have been reportedly complaining about the car's gull-winged doors bumping into things or them getting locked out from entering their cars.

Close to 3,000 early Model Xs has been promptly recalled a few weeks back due to safety issues concerning the cars' rear seats, in a report by The Guardian. Since then, critics have raised questions regarding the Model X's reliability, however, the company has been a step ahead in responding to those complaints.

Model X owners have reached out to Consumer Reports and related their own experiences with the car's unwarranted behavior, especially with its falcon-like doors, where users have struggled with the open/close and object sense features. Still other owners have posted their concerns on Tesla's community support forums regarding light distortions noted resulting in the driver's limited ability to tell incoming cars or objects.

CNN Money also had a follow-through on the recent design issues with the Tesla Model X. While the company has been plagued with previous problems with older models, a company spokesperson said that the issues are considerably not widespread. The source also stated that Tesla is closely working with every owner complaint and ensuring to properly address these issues.

Tesla's negative publicity lately is not unusual to every automaker, and that the company has humbly owned up to its model's lapses, says Consumer Reports. "The saving grace for owners has been Tesla's attention to customer service. Almost every survey respondent made note of Tesla's rapid response and repair time."

Another important note that early owners of the Tesla Model X are thankful for is that Tesla has made it its promise to exceed customer expectations in resolving bug fixes and warranty issues, according to the publication.

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