Tesla Model 3 Confirmed 400,000 Orders; Questions About Quality And Momentum Arise

Apr 22, 2016 09:54 AM EDT | Alexa Parker

The epic rise of Tesla Model 3 is unparalleled but the question of the company's ability to deliver is still looming. Given the fact that the reservations are now under the figures of around 400,000, many are wondering if Tesla can really deliver.

Looking back, Tesla had to face the figures that are almost four times the total number of cars that they have made in the span of eight years, according to Bloomberg. Many are still hoping that the Tesla Model 3 will hit the roads sooner than expected.

The affirmation of the Model 3 happens once in a blue moon. It is similar to the same scenario more than a century ago. The closest is the 1955 Citroen DS that accepted 80,000 deposits in a period of 10-days because the segment offered a more futuristic tone and flair. Nevertheless, the Tesla Model 3 may also experience the same thing as critics view Tesla's production history and legacy.

CNBC cited Elon Musk's word and it stated, "We are now almost at 400,000 orders for the model 3." Surprising as it may seem, Tesla may face a dilemma that it has never encountered in the past.

Auto World News noted that the world is marvelling of the forthcoming Tesla Model 3 and the world just cannot get enough of it. On a different note, as the world await the coming of the much-anticipated car, many are hoping that Tesla can truly get the job done and ensure the world of its quality and that it can constantly keep pace with the momentum.

As Tesla Model 3 prepares for the confirmed pre-orders and demand, the real work begins on the production segment and on whether the Tesla Model 3 would incorporate quality, strength and keep the momentum of sales and trade and most importantly, build the Tesla Model 3 on time.

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