Ford Threatened By Tesla Model 3, Spent $200,000 To Know About Tesla’s Secret Recipe?

Apr 21, 2016 09:18 AM EDT | Alexa Parker


The threat is real and the fear is speculated to cripple other carmakers all across the world. Given the unprecedented demands for the Tesla Model 3, reports say that Ford shelled out $200,000 to dissect and examine Tesla's Model X.

The drama began when Ford Motors spent a total of $199,950 to purchase one of the first sport utility vehicles that Tesla Motors Inc. which is the Tesla Model X, the predecessor of the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3. The core reason of Ford is simple and clear. It aims to know the features as well as conduct some tests to examine the electric SUV and gain more knowledge over its mechanism, reports Bloomberg.

It is undeniable that the success of Tesla and its threat for profits and revenues is great. Meanwhile, the act is not new for some analysts because according to the same report, car manufacturers study other brands and tear the segment down to know the entities, the elements, components and materials that the segment have used.

Even Michelle Krebs, senior analyst for researcher, rendered her thoughts as well. "Wow, I hope that investment pays off in some good intelligence," Michelle Krebs, said of the premium Ford paid. "If you're going to be one of the early buyers, you're probably going to pay well over list. But that's significant."

Another report from Auto World News has already affirmed the grave threats that Tesla and its Model 3 could cause to its competitors. The report noted that the demand for the segment has skyrocketed and it has even caused anxiety for the carmaker regarding production and delivery concerns.

We're going to definitely see more electrification and light weighting. Those are the things I suspect Ford would be taking special note of as they develop their sport utilities of the future," Krebs added.

It remains unverified on whether Ford Motors was able to fully get the secret recipe of the Tesla corporation by studying its Model X, given the fact that Ford did pay a hefty $200,000 to attain it.

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