BMW Top Engineers Jumped Ship To Future Mobility Corp, Wants To Par With Tesla Model 3 And Next-Gen Nissan Leaf

Apr 21, 2016 04:35 AM EDT | Alexa Parker

The race is on for dominion and many designers and engineers are moving on to greener pastures. Reports have surfaced that BMW top engineers jumped ship to join an anonymous Chinese-backed electric car start-up aiming to par and surpass Tesla Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf.

The Wall Street Journal earlier revealed that that major key personnel behind BMW i3 and i8 have left the cradle and moved to another refuge in the form of Future Mobility Corp. The company is currently on its plans to contend with the rising demand of electric cars. To gain an upper hand, it has hired the help of experienced personnel such as Benoit Jacob, Henrik Wenders, and Dirk Abendroth to join the company and be the powerhouse of the firm.

It is undeniable that the three executives have provided many achievements and feat for BMW and to lose that core system might result into some unforeseen circumstance and might even result into BMW being decapitated. Despite the loss of its talented crew, BMW has remained tight-lipped on the matter and at the same time, the company has asserted that it will stand tall and whether the existing impediment.

Given the circumstances, BMW has directed their comments on how the company was able to deal with the close competition and the difficulties that Tesla and Next-Gen Nissan leaf has brought. To prove the latter, Wieland Bruch, a BMW spokesman, said, "BMW i products have been very successful in their individual market segments. The i8 is the best-selling plug-in sports car."

Nevertheless, the loss of its young talents clearly implies that the coming days would not bode well for BMW and its entire workforce. China Business additionally reported that the goals of Tencent Holdings, which is under the umbrella of Future Mobility Corp. still has a long way to go if it wants to par with Tesla Model 3 or with the Next-Gen Nissan leaf.

It remains uncertain on whether the Future Mobility Corp and its with its plan to dominate the electric car industry would attain fame and dominion because forerunners such as Tesla Model 3 and Next-Gen Nissan leaf are already planning ahead to keep the road to themselves.

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