Ford Motors Company Not Affected By Tesla Motors Inc. Model 3, Releases New Focus Electric Range

Apr 20, 2016 10:55 AM EDT | Alexa Parker

While the world is clamoring for the forthcoming Tesla Model 3, Ford Motors Company is not affected at all by Tesla Motors Inc. Model 3 and is focused on the release of its new Focus Electric Range to roam the streets.

Both Tesla Motors Inc. and General Motors Company are finally ready to release their mid-priced mass market electric vehicles next year, Country Caller reported. Ford Motor Company, on the other hand, is not affected by the buzzing that its competitors are creating.

As for the new Ford Focus, it would come out with full packed improvements on its battery that would feature a range of 100 miles, and as Ford says, it would set the Ford Focus on a whole new threshold. The upgrade would also prevent fear from arising owing to running out of charge on an all-electric vehicle while having no charging point close by, as noted by the same post.

Ford also affirmed the firm's decision to constrain the electric Focus range to 100 miles to prevent more expenditure and weight of the vehicle. It stands to reason that the lithium-ion batteries are causing higher cost for the electric vehicle as well as increases the weight of the component.

It is undeniable that Tesla has made some feats due to the unpredicted order forms from different customers. In a post from CTV News, it revealed how  the automotive industry can get to witness how Tesla Motors and its Model 3 dominates the road. Almost 400,000 people with their $1,000 deposit have been affirmed to join the influx of buyers that has opted to buy the Tesla Model 3.

It remains indecisive on how both carmakers would fare on the market and would Ford Motors along with its new Focus Electric Range retain the stance regarding the rising dominance and threat that Tesla Motor Inc. and its Motor 3 renders.

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