Ford's Side Airbag Defect Issue Leads to 37,000 Transit Vans' Recall

Apr 18, 2016 06:32 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen

A new recall order is in place by Ford Motors Corp. as another faulty series of side curtain airbags have been found incorrectly packed at an assembly plant. The good news is, no injuries nor deaths have been reported.

MSN reported on some key info related to the latest in Ford's worries concerning the 2015-2016 line of Transit vans. The affected models were those manufactured and purchased between March 12, 2014 to March 18 of this year.

An assembly process error discovered at the TRW Facility located in Mexico had resulted into a number of vehicles fitted with side curtain airbags packed improperly. The issue laid more on the unexpected incorrect deployment of the protective device should the vehicle get involved in a collision or rollover, causing unintentional collateral damage.

With the recall process to begin by May 16, dealerships are expected to completely inspect and rework the entire side curtain airbag equipment. Ford has already issued a stop-sale order on all affected units, including those in inventory, as per the news agency.

Meanwhile, owners of the affected Transit vans are encouraged to take their vehicles to the nearest Ford dealer for further inspection, according to the ChicagoLawyer. Once found that the van has the faulty airbags in placed, these would be fixed free of charge. Also, it is advised to contact Ford directly to determine if the vans would need repair.

This kind of recall issue is considerably not the first time for the automaker, despite the company's efforts to maintain an absolutely safe vehicle experience. Injuries can still occur when an airbag deploys incorrectly and the company aims to correct this faulty system.

NHTSA has an online database system of vehicle recalls reported from all auto manufacturers to keep the public notified. This information can be accessed via, as per the publication.

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