This Guy Builds His Own Batmobile -- And It's More Badass Than The One In 'Batman v Superman'

Apr 14, 2016 09:00 AM EDT | Vanessa Doctor


A concept designer recently came up with his own version of the Batmobile. It appears that he has more creativity than the entire team behind the recent Warner Bros. film “Batman v Superman.”

Many fans who watched the movie thought that the Batmobile driven by Ben Affleck lacked flair and overall appeal. Viewers generally looked forward to the ever-changing eccentric design of the powerful roaring machine whenever a new Batman flick was out. This time, however, many were disappointed with the seemingly flimsy and frail appearance of the latest iteration.

The Drive notes that Bulgarian 3-D artist Encho Enchev, however, helped appease fans by coming up with his own version of the Batmobile. The model fuses the dark and lethal model by Christopher Nolan with the speed and edge of a Le Mans prototype. Encho’s version was solid, rugged and streamlined at the same time, which was a huge deviation from the lengthy dash-to-axle ratio of the Batmobile in the movie.

The driver cabin was positioned more towards the front tires, while the canopy resembled a fighter jet, giving it a sleeker and more imposing appearance. The off-road tires were also noticeably made bigger, with the rear wheels fully covered with metal shields that also double as aesthetic props. The entire black matte vehicle actually looks like the metal version of Batman himself, especially the back portion which looks like his famous cowl.

According to Maxim, Encho’s Batmobile is most likely all-drive and there are lights positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle. The front bumper gradually developed into a point at the center and rode low, which enables it to easily flip any car or debris in its path. The Batmobile also had side-mounted machine guns as well as some of the essentials, like side mirrors and air vents. The high-tech car most likely has several other weapons mounted, as any Batmobile should be. The interior most likely features supercomputers and direct links to the Batcave, with Bruce’s trusty butler Alfred guiding every ride.

Encho’s Batmobile may never make its way to an actual Batman film, but the people at Warner Bros. should at least be inspired to improve its concept more. Some of the features of Encho’s design can actually be applied to real Formula 1 racers. Overall, the latest concept is a whole lot better than what people saw in “Batman v Superman.”

More updates and details on the Batmobile are expected soon.

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