Auto Shop Offers Hot Weather Car Maintenance Tips

Jun 03, 2012 12:43 PM EDT | Judith Davis

The summer season is here and this is the time of year most people will be hitting the road to escape the summer heat, but many fail to properly maintain their vehicle before driving in high temperatures.

Some people are fortunate enough to maintain their own cars or may have a family member who can take care of these things.  For those who aren't so lucky to have a mechanic in the family, experts say there are a lot of things that can happen if a car is not properly checked.

The most common mechanical problem this time of year is battery issues as the heat zaps batteries. Our air conditioning systems also work harder here. Experts say car maintenance recommendations vary from state to state. The hotter the area the more maintenance is required.

Flash Sharrar, owner of Team Ramco Transmission Auto Repair says people need to follow tips from their local auto repair shop. "We highly recommend that you change the engine oil here in the Yuma area especially because of the heat and the unpleasant weather but in the blistering summer it should be every three thousand miles."

Water hoses and tire pressure are also something that needs to be checked since the heat can cause cracking on hoses and tire tear. Car paint can also be affected if not properly protected.  

Proper car maintenance will not only keep your car running like new, but will save you lots of repair costs down the road.  Making a habit of checking your car regularly as the season change is a good idea as well.  It's like getting a physical each year to maintain your health.  The same rules can be applied when keeping your car in great automotive health.  

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