BMW News Update: BMW M5 And M6 Manual Transmission Gets Discontinued

Apr 08, 2016 11:50 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen


Automaker BMW has just announced it is discontinuing its manual transmission feature for its next generation M5s and M6s post-production towards the end of the year. The big reveal also included that manual transmission cars are most likely not coming back for other future models. 

With the demand for the non-auto transmission zeroed out, BMW's M division CEO Frank van Meel decided on pushing through with the manual phase-out, as per Car&DriverThe discontinuance of the manual transmission on the next-gen M5 and M6 will give way to its replacement: a standard 7-speed dual-clutch auto transmission, which will be already made part of the next-gen model set to be released next year, according to MotorTrend.

The company will still continue to offer the manual transmission option on older BMW models such as the M2, M3, and M4, as well as other non-M BMW models. So no need to fret right away.

The manual gearbox maybe at times comfortable, with its unique rubbery feel common to all BMW manuals. The company also included a similar optional take like that in the Nissan 370Z, which is a rev-matching setup, in a previous MotorTrend post.

Testing notes on the manual M5 featured apparent differences in the acceleration feel and handling on the stated vehicle. On acceleration, a strong torque delivery of 500 lb-ft at 1500 rpm resulted into a smoky output for the first gear when the transmission was launched.

Handling, on the other hand, was also proven fast on a figure-8 lap run, which was recorded at 24.6 seconds. The car notably pushed its way quickly around some parts of the course, with light understeer as the first response and controllable at the same with a good throttle boost, as per the news agency.


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