Honda Introduces $20,000 Self-driving Car

Apr 08, 2016 10:16 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen

Honda recently announced its latest venture in the auto industry: a semi-driverless car that starts at $20,000. This car also has the sense to veer away from crashing, stay in its lane, as well as regulate its own speed to match any oncoming traffic. Say, how cool is that?

Drew Harwell of The Post did a short test drive for a week on the new 2016 Honda (actually priced at $20,400), which comes fully equipped with a $1,000 semi-driverless app called the Honda Sense. Elker included his own experience on the test drive done and specified some major differences as well as breakthroughs of the auto company's latest offering.

The Honda Civic's app certainly lives up to its name with its adaptive cruise control feature, which upon activating a speed setting for use on the entire drive - the car would aim to naturally fulfill the course using the setting made, the Washington Post reported. In addition, with the car's built-in cameras and sensors, it carefully adapts to the running speed of the other cars on the road. It slows down a bit when other cars slow down, and at the same put it back on gear when they get out of the Honda's way. 

"With it, I conquered long stretches of highway without ever tapping the gas - or the brakes," according to Elker as per The AFR. He further noted that the acceleration on the Civic was a little under his standards, however, it may be satisfactory enough for other more careful drivers.

He also adds on the car's unavailability for the automated parking feature, which key car makers hope to reach in the future. The Honda's semi-driverless car could surely match up to Tesla's Model S or even the Volvo XC90, which sells for $130,000 and $66,000, respectively.

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