Oscar Winner Leonardo Di Caprio With His Toyota Prius Unveiled; New Toyota Prius 2016 Underway?

Apr 08, 2016 04:00 AM EDT | Dimple A.

Oscar Winner Leonardo Di Caprio along with his Toyota Prius revealed the actor's simplicity and regards for things and cars. In line with that, a new Toyota Prius 2016 has been speculated to reach the car stalls soon.

Although celebrities are linked with classy cars, prestige, and expensive thrills, Leonardo Di Caprio is heading in a different direction. Despite gaining fame from his role as Jack in James Cameron's blockbuster "Titanic," the actor was known for driving cheap cars.

Given the fact that the Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio success and richness could enable him to buy luxurious cars, he drove the reasonably priced and environmentally friendly four cylinder-electric Toyota Prius instead, as reported by The Richest.

Since Leonardo Di Caprio is famed for calling and urging the public to support going green campaign, he opted to choose the Toyota Prius as means for mobility. He is even seen constantly driving the hybrid around town, as noted by the same post. In addition, the Toyota Prius models fall in the cash range of $19,600 and $29,900, making it easy on the wallet and on the environment as well.

Meanwhile, more report from Free Press Journal revealed of a new Toyota Prius 2016 that will surely make each former and present Prius owner proud. It stands out that Leonardo DiCaprio is not the only Hollywood star that drives a Prius because even Cameron Diaz was known to have own one as well.

According to the same report, "With a client that includes Hollywood A-listers, it was no surprise that everyone was eager to get a glimpse of the next-generation Toyota Prius, putting an end to the anticipation, the Japanese automaker finally unveiled the next generation of its most recognized flagship hybrid car, the Toyota Prius Prime at the 2016 New York Motor Show."

The all-new Toyota Prius Prime offers a more conventional front facade, making it sportier and it also comes with new LED headlamps. Furthermore, the modern car is also noted to be longer and wider in comparison to the older Prius models.

With that in mind, it remains uncertain on whether Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio would buy the new Toyota Prius 2016 to replace the one that he previously had. Given the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio is a strong advocator for the environment, will he consider buying the new and powerful Toyota Prius 2016 or continue on driving across town with his old one?

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