Watch These Wealthy Fools Destroy Ferrari, Maserati Supercars On A Himalayan Road Trip [Video]

Apr 09, 2016 04:10 AM EDT | Vanessa Doctor

A new video from China is making waves online featuring six rich drivers trashing their supercars during a road trip in the Himalayas. Most of the cars ended up totaled. 

People’s Daily, a Chinese media outlet, showcased the one-minute video, starring 11 crazy Ferrari and Maserati drivers who drove through the oddest places to break their luxury vehicles. The video description stated that the highway that connects Sichuan and Tibet spans over 2,000 kilometers and is deemed as the roughest and most dangerous highway in China.

The road goes through mountains, valleys and running rivers and requires 44 driving hours to reach one end to the other. Generally, only off-road vehicles traverse through the highway, considering that there are parts that are not suitable for regular vehicles.

The challenge for the 11 Ferrari and Maserati owners was to drive through the perilous highway using their expensive cars. The group started the trip in Chengdu, southwest of Sichuan province in China, and planned to reach their destination in Lhasa, southwest of China’s Tibet.

Carbuzz states that one of the drivers was Ni Haishan, a rich Chinese businessman. He drove a Ferrari F12 while being escorted by 10 Ghiblis, which he gave as gifts to his employees. Haishan allegedly went on the outrageous trip just to boast about his wealth. He inherited his parents’ company and believed that trashing his Italian supercar was a way to show clients that his business was doing excellently.

Out of the 11, six already destroyed their cars halfway through the journey. In the video, a red Ferrari was seen moving through a shallow stream full of rocks. The next scene showed its torn tire and busted rim. Another red Ferrari also featured its completely blown-out tire and dented rim. It slowly moved through the rugged terrain as if in great difficulty. Another scene presented several Maseratis and a Ferrari parked in the snow and fully exposed to the violent elements. One part of the clip featured Maseratis parked in a line with the Himalayas in the background.

The final scene showed a red Ferrari being lifted by a crane as if it completely surrendered from all the battering, Jalopnick cited. Six of the 11 vehicles were totaled halfway, while the remaining five successfully reached the end point, albeit with damaged wheels and parts.

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