Tesla's Autopilot Prevents Car Crash In Seattle (VIDEO)

Oct 29, 2015 04:02 PM EDT | John Nassivera


Tesla Motor's autopilot feature recently proved its ability to prevent accidents after it helped an Uber driver in Seattle avoid a car crash.

Jon Hall, who drives a Model S P85D, uploaded a dash cam video on YouTube Wednesday showing how he was able to avoid an accident with another car that suddenly pulled into moving traffic thanks to the unique technology, according to CBS News.

The footage shows Hall driving down State Route 99, just north of downtown Seattle, when an oncoming car tries to make a left turn right in front of Hall. His vehicle used the autopilot tech to stop immediately and avoid a collision.

"I was watching traffic to my right and that Honda turned right in front of me, Hall told GeekWire. "I would have smashed right into him had the car not hit the (brakes) for me."

Hall also shared his experience on Reddit, saying that he was traveling just under 45 mph at the time.

"It's easy to say that in hindsight, I should be going slower, but traffic tends not to pull out from you in that direction," he wrote. "I was actually watching cars to the right of me, which is the entire reason the car reacted and I didn't. All the fault is in the other driver, and the video clearly shows this."

Hall added that the autopilot was set to follow cars at the "maximum distance" and that he couldn't honk the horn before the driver stopped.

The Model S's autopilot feature, which Tesla made available earlier this month, can tell how close the drivers are from the car in front of them thanks to a collection of cameras and sensors, CBS News reported. Other capabilities include applying the brakes for keeping safe distances, changing lanes and providing warnings for potential side impacts.

Hall wrote in the video description that he "did not touch the brake," adding that his car "did all the work."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said previously that he wants drivers to "be quite careful with the autopilot" and that they should keep their "hands on the wheel" while using it, GeekWire noted.

Check out the video of Tesla's autopilot preventing the accident below.

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