BMW Launches EnLighten App In Cars For Avoiding Red Lights

Aug 01, 2015 01:37 PM EDT | Vincent Yodice

It is safe to say that every driver hates traffic lights. They are spiteful, rude and downright annoying. They seem to know exactly when you are in a rush to get somewhere, as you are sure to catch a red light every 100 yards. Not to mention, all of the idling and stopping drains your gas tank (as well as your wallet) and is harmful to the environment. Well, BMW has found a solution to all of this.

The German automaker has become the first to install what is called the EnLighten app into its cars infotainment systems, according to Autoweek. The EnLighten app is a program that has the ability to communicate with traffic signals.

How the app works is quite simple. The screen will display the status of the nearest traffic light ahead of your car, as well as a real-time prediction of when that light will turn, according to Ars Technica. The car is tracked using its GPS system, and the app is connected to smart traffic signals, Motor Authority reported.

Unfortunately, they are only available in three American cities to date: Portland, Eugene and Salt Lake City.

However, there is a standalone app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android. There are still restrictions, as the phone version application is only compatible in a handful of cities as well.

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