BMW i3 Operates With Driver Brainwaves (VIDEO)

Jul 17, 2015 03:28 PM EDT | Vincent Yodice


It sounds like something out of an episode of "The Twilight Zone," but the BMW i3 that drives by reading your brainwaves does exist, according to Daily Mail.

Carol Vorderman unveiled the BMW i3 electric car that is completely controlled by the driver's mind. Created by MoneySuperMarket, the car is operated using an electroencephalogram, or an EEG, neuro headset. The device takes raw data and converts them into mental commands using complex software algorithms, according to Motoring Research. The driver controls the car by thinking about turning left, right, going forward and stopping. The BMW driver seat is replaced with a mechanism that presses the pedals and turns the steering wheel on command.

However, there is a prerequisite before you can hop in the driver's seat. The user must first train the headset. In other words, the software must recognize your thought patterns before it can wirelessly transmit them to the car.

For insurance purposes, a telematics box is installed inside the car to document the car's driving performances. "Driverless cars are currently being road tested but until they're an everyday reality, we know it's as important as ever for motorists to use their heads while driving," said MoneySuperMarket Digital Marketing Director David Harling.

Check out the video demonstration below:

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