Tesla Owners Willing To Pay More For Model S Than Gas-Fueled Cars, Survey Finds

Jun 26, 2015 11:32 AM EDT | John Nassivera


Drivers looking to buy Tesla Motors' electric cars aren't all as wealthy as previously believed, according to new research.

The discovery was made in a survey conducted by Jefferies auto analyst Dan Dolev and involving 145 Tesla owners in the U.S., according to Business Insider. Jefferies found that 70 percent of the participants left cars that cost less than $60,000 in favor of the San Carlos, Calif.-based company's vehicles.

The survey also found 65 percent of the top 20 gasoline-powered cars that the owners thought about buying cost less than $60,000.

The big takeaway from the survey is that the drivers were willing to pay more for the Model S and other Tesla products, Business Insider reported.

"On average, owners were willing to pay 60% more for a Tesla," Dolev wrote.

The discovery comes just days after Tesla found that all Model S drivers together have driven more than 1 billion miles, which is enough to stop over 570,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the three years that EVs have been around, Engadget reported.

The involvement of non-wealthy drivers is a sign of Tesla's success in convincing people to buy cars as expensive as the Model S, Business Insider reported.

The $58,000 entry-level Model S P70D debuted on the market earlier this year, and Tesla plans to gain more buyers with leasing options that last for several years and certified pre-owned programs.

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