Small Autonomous Robots Created to Lift and Move Cars (WATCH)

May 01, 2015 06:17 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro

We all long for the days where we no longer have to worry about parking our own cars, but now little robots may be able to physically move vehicles to another location if someone deems it necessary.

European researchers have created little, yet strong robots that are capable of lifting up an entire vehicle by its wheels to move the ride wherever they want.

The Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool (AVERT) system was designed by researchers at the Group of Robotics and Cognitive Systems to help police officers relocate vehicles in the event of an emergency, according to a recently released paper.

So how does the system work exactly? It requires almost no human interaction, as a deployment unit is able to scan the nearby area for obstacles in order to figure out the best route. The deployment unit then releases the small bots near a vehicle so they can attach themselves onto each wheel, according to the paper.

In unison, the robots lift the car completely off of the ground for relocation.

Obstacles are no match for these robots either as they're programmed to avoid other cars, people or objects that might get in their way from towing the vehicle to another spot.

The AVERT system can be deployed no matter how urgent the issue is, from a vehicle blocking a highway lane to a potential bomb threat, according to the paper.

After successfully demonstrating the system last month, the little bots could be ready for a big public release sometime in 2016.

We're not sure how to feel about the system yet, but we wouldn't be surprised to find them in parking lots and garages around the U.S. in just a couple of years.

Either way, check out the video below to see how the AVERT system works.

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