NASA Developed a Golf Cart-Sized Driverless EV Wonder (VIDEO)

Apr 18, 2015 10:50 AM EDT | Matt Mercuro


Driverlessmania is in full-force, with companies like Hyundai and Google scurrying to release a self-driving car within the decade. NASA is also getting in on the fun, releasing a video this week of its "Modular Robotic Vehicle," or MRV for short.

Made by the space agency's Johnson Space Center, the electric battery-powered golf cart-sized MRV features a drive-by-wire system, meaning there isn't a mechanical link between braking, propulsion and steering.

The vehicle can be controlled both remotely and autonomously, and MRV's 180-degree rotating wheels allow for drifting through massive puddles and side-parallel parking like a champ.

While we don't expect to see the MRV drifting on Mars anytime soon, it could help engineers create new rides for important missions in the future.

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