Peugeot Food Truck is A Multi-Functional Wonder on Wheels (PHOTOS)

Apr 10, 2015 03:09 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro


Food trucks, beware: the Peugeot "Le Bistro du Lion" is here to change the game.

The Peugeot Design Lab has created a compact custom van with a trailer designed to unfold a unique restaurant experience unlike any other food cart in Europe.

Food trucks haven't quite caught on in France like they have in the U.S., so Peugeot sought out French food truck specialist Euromag to create something different.

"The end-users are always at the heart of all of our designs," said Head of Peugeot Design Lab, Cathal Loughnane, in a company press release. "For the Peugeot Foodtruck, we wanted to create a complete food truck experience, not only creating a kitchen for the chef but a restaurant and cafe for the customers."

With tables for 30 customers, a completely functional kitchen and for some reason a DJ booth, customers with growling stomachs won't be disappointed with the experience provided by the "Le Bistro du Lion," according to a Peugeot release.

The state of the art kitchen features four induction burners, two grilling plates, a 100-gallon floorboard refrigerator and a deep fryer to meet the needs of hungry customers.

Here's a closer look at the Rocket Espresso machine for all the coffee fiends out there.

If you've ever been to a restaurant and wondered "what's taking them so long with my food?" you'll love the  46-inch screen found inside the truck, which offers customers a live stream of the kitchen to keep them informed throughout the entire process.  

This means you'll know exactly when the chef has started and finished your meal. Yes it's a little creepy, but you won't be complaining if you're in a rush to get somewhere.  

Peugeot hired renowned French chef Sven Chartier of Saturne and Le Clown Bar in Paris to man the burners for the food truck during its road trip to Milan later this month.

So if you're going to be in the area make sure to keep a look out for this wonder of a food truck for a bite to eat.

Oh yeah, back to the DJ booth mystery. Peugeot feels the Le Bistro du Lion is a good way for it to promote its new "Peugeot Music" platform. I guess they assume people will sit through anything if the food is good enough.

The Peugeot Food Truck will be on display at the Milan Design Week on April 14.

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