What Are the Five Stages of Covering an Auto Show?

Apr 10, 2015 06:40 AM EDT | Jeff Jablansky

Photographing an auto show

It's our job to cover multiple auto shows per year, and to deliver you the most interesting and insightful news that we glean from convention center floors across the world.

But how exactly do we do it?

Here's a glimpse of the life of an auto journalist. Browse through the images below for our take.

Step 1: Browse.
(Photo : Kevin McCauley)
The auto show floor has plenty of eye candy that remains uncloaked throughout media days. Before the press conferences begin, browse the collection to see what you can capture.
Step 2: Attend the press conference.
(Photo : Kevin McCauley)
Listen to an executive read exuberantly from a scripted speech. If you're toward the back of the room, you can follow along with the handy Teleprompter.
Step 3: The iPhone shot
(Photo : Kevin McCauley)
Just after a press conference is complete, scramble among the other members of the media to be the first to get a clear shot of the just-unveiled model.
Step 4: Attend the next press conference.
(Photo : Kevin McCauley)
Press conferences occur all day for nearly eight hours. Making sense of the news can be tiresome after conference number two.
Step 5: Share the space with non-media attendees.
(Photo : Kevin McCauley)
Among the hundreds or thousands of attendees on media days are engineers and designers from competing automakers—and some of them are sitting in the way of your perfect shot. That's because the auto show is the best place to see all the market's cars at once, and they're on hand to collect data, from panel gap width to headlamp brightness to tire size, to share with their bosses.
Bonus step: Try not to get trampled.
(Photo : Kevin McCauley)
With visitors of all shapes and sizes on the show floor, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

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