Man's Homemade Millennium Falcon Flies Like the Real Thing (VIDEO)

Feb 04, 2015 04:04 PM EST | Jordan Ecarma

Forget self-driving cars--maybe vehicles of the future will fly passengers to their destinations.

It may be miniature, but a beautifully constructed homemade Millennium Falcon that has become beloved through social media gives "Star Wars" fans hope that flying transportation isn't so far-fetched after all.

In a process he detailed on Imgur, the aircraft's builder used a carbon fiber frame and foam parts to recreate the Millennium Falcon. The whole thing rides on a quadrocopter, an RC helicopter with four motors.

The fascinating little aircraft can be seen doing in its stuff in the video below.

Forbes points out that the FAA has already been considering placing regulations on toys and could potentially stifle creative projects like the home-crafted Millennium Falcon.

"This is so fantastic that someone at the FAA will probably want to make it illegal," writes Forbes contributor Gregory McNeal. "The innovation on display here will die if the FAA goes too far in regulating in this area, so here's to hoping that sensible minds prevail."

As Amazon and others look into using drones for transportation and cities become increasingly crowded, it's not too difficult to envision a future where larger, autonomous aircraft transport commuters from point A to point B. Maybe someday we'll hop into Millennium Falcon-like vehicles to get to the office.

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