GM Open to Working With Google on Self-Driving Car

Jan 13, 2015 03:00 PM EST | Matt Mercuro

General Motors' Chief Technology Officer Jon Lauckner said at the Detroit Auto Show this week that the U.S. automaker is willing to work with Google on creating technology for a self-driving car.

"I'm not in charge of deciding what we will and won't do, but I'd say we'd certainly be open to having a discussion with them," Lauckner said during an interview with Time.

His comments were made just days before the head of Google's self-driving car project, Chris Urmson, will speak at a conference held in conjunction with the auto show.

Urmson will likely announce his company's plans to find partnerships within the auto industry to create an autonomous car.

"I'd be completely surprised if Google doesn't have something to offer," Lauckner said. "We know they have talented people and we know they have capability."

Automakers like GM are rushing to create features that will make vehicles safer to drive. The long-term goal is to create cars that will drive themselves completely.

Lauckner said any company that wants a shot at working with Google would have to establish how the relationship would work, according to Time.

"You have to figure out how would something like that actually work," Lauckner said in a statement. "Would it be something where it would be an opportunity to work together in a joint development agreement? I'd say probably anybody who's interested ought to at least go over and kick the tires."

A partnership would be beneficial for both companies, especially since the Detroit automaker has a century's worth of experience in manufacturing and selling vehicles. The other has the latest technology for the next generation of cars.

Last month, Google unveiled its first "real build" of its self-driving car that it wants to reach California streets by the end of 2015, according to Time.

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