Jun 16, 2017 01:00 AM EDT
Tesla Teases Test Drive For Model 3 But Seems Like Another Down-Sell Strategy

Tesla has just announced that Model 3 will be ready for test drive in "late 2017." However, the automaker's announcement seems to refocus people to the other models. Is this another down-sell strategy?

Tesla has just posted an announcement on the official Model 3 site. The post updates the buyers, who have made their reservations, to begin securing a schedule of test drive for the upcoming model.

The automaker announced that the test drive for the upcoming Model 3 will start "late 2017." The post also mentioned that test drives for Model S and Model X are already on-going.

According to reports, however, the post appears to be misleading buyers. Apparently, the "schedule test drive" button on the announcement page will direct people to schedule a test drive for its siblings, and not for Model 3.

Reservation holders of Model 3 who will click the "schedule test drive" will find themselves directed to a test drive schedule for Model S and Model X only. With this outcome, it seems that Tesla is again pushing the people to check out their other models instead of the highly anticipated Model 3.

As previously reported, Tesla Model 3 details have been leaked via a comparative chart. The leaked document appears to be a portion of a sales brochure showing a comparative chart of the specs of the upcoming Model 3 and the current Model S.

In the brochure, it was highlighted that the specs of the upcoming sedan are significantly lower than the current model. This led to speculations that the company is trying to down-sell the much-awaited Model 3 by showing the better specs of the existing Model S.

With the new announcement on the Tesla page, it seems that the company is again trying to push the other models in lieu of the upcoming Model 3. As the post redirects people to the other models instead of the intended Model 3 test drive, is this another down-sell strategy of the autonomous car leader?

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