Apr 28, 2017 04:00 AM EDT
Step Aside Demon, Gosha Turbo Tech’s Beefed Up Lamborghini Huracán GTT-X Runs 8s At 1,439 HP

All the way from Abu Dhabi, Gosha Turbo Tech, the local arm of a Russian tuner beefed up a Lamborghini Huracán and is now wearing a GTT-X moniker. If you thought that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon may have pushed the limits of factory performance cars on the strip, think again as aftermarket tuners can still cook up their own style of crazy-er.

It seems higher horsepower is the latest trend, as well as quicker quarter mile times. Thus, Gosha Turbo Tech slapped two turbochargers on a pedigreed Italian supercar, which by the way sticks out where the rear bodywork of the Lambo used to be.

The grease monkeys at Gosha were able to tweak the Huracan that it now produces an insane 1,439 horses at the wheels. Basically, the figure is energy generated "at the wheels."

The beefed up Lamborghini Huracán GTT-X demolished the drag strip for some heavy test runs and went from 8.902 s to 8.592 s. It at least had four quarter-mile sprints and it was improving with each run. You can check out the video below. Possibly in the future, it could very well dip into the 7s category.

Also, the beefed up Lamborghini Huracán GTT-X was able to push at 8.37 second for the quarter mile with a top speed of 275kph. But note that it was running on street tires and with a stock seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Thus, since these were only low-boost tests, it could mean ever quicker times and more power if dialed all the way up.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon might be the first of almost everything, but stock vehicles have their limits as well. That's when aftermarket tuners come into play, like what Gosha Turbo Tech did to the beefed up Lamborghini Huracán GTT-X.

But who know, maybe some grease monkey aftermarket tuners will put their feelings aside and put their skills to the test with the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and make it even more "domestic" or "demonic," whichever is the case. In the meantime, check out the beefed up Lamborghini Huracán GTT-X's 8.37 s quarter mile run in the video below.

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