Kennewick Man

Book Details 'Kennewick Man'

A 9,000-year-old skeleton was likely an Asian man who traveled along the Pacific coastline to hunt seals and other large marine mammals. more

Columbian Mammoth

Mammoth Skeleton Found

An unusually complete skeleton of a Columbian mammoth has been discovered in a gravel pit on a Texas farm. more

6,500 Skeleton Rediscovered in Penn Museum

'Noah' Skeleton Rediscovered

After being tucked away in the museum's basement for 85 years, a skeleton found at the site of ancient Ur has been rediscovered at the University of Philadelphia's Penn Museum. more

Creation Museum Opens Allosaurus Exhibit

Creation Museum Displays 30-Foot Allosaurus Skeleton

The Creation Museum has opened a new exhibit called "Facing the Allosaurus." more

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