self-driving car

Mercedes F 015 Self Driving Car

For Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Cars, Occupant's Safety Is A Bigger Concern Than That Of The Pedestrian

Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Cars might end up harming a pedestrian if it ever comes to that but won't let its occupants come into harm's way. more

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO

Google's Autonomous Driving Car Hits New Mileage Record

Google is on a roll with developing self-driving technology with at least 300 years of driving experience to boot, hitting new strides with self-driving cars as they finally covered two million miles but it is still far from the technology’s ultimate end goals. more

The Smiling Car

A Self-Driving Car That Smiles At Peestrians Seems To Be The Automotive Future We Are Heading Towards

After cars that can drive on its own, here is one that smiles at the pedestrians, which could well be the direction we are heading to. more

3D Map

Japan Creating 3D Maps To Help Boost Autonomous Car Technology

Japan is pushing hard to create 3D maps of its entire roadways which will serve as a backbone to feed autonomous cars with all the data it needs to driving on its own. more

2015 Sundance Institute Celebration Benefit - Red Carpet

2017 Acura RLX: The Affordable Luxury Sedan And Reliable Self-Driving Car

The brand new 2017 Acura RLX has made improvements on its technological advancements. Not only will it be driverless, it also is lighter than its previous make and model. Furthermore, the unit has been priced at a whopping $50,950. more

The Aftermath Of The M5 Crash

France Supports Self Driving Cars On its Streets

Based on reports by Designyourworld, the French government has allowed auto manufacturing companies to test drive "self-driving" cars on the public French streets. more

New York Uber Drivers Protest Rate Cuts

Uber Pursues Its Driverless Car Technology Further

In-depth look on how Uber manages to pursue its driverless car technology to make way for a safer future. more

 Workers assemble electric automobiles at a workshop in Qingzhou City

Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Is Working On Its Version Of A Self-Driving Car

Search engine giant Baidu is looking to get a piece of the self-driving vehicle industry. more

 LeEco LeSee

Chinese Car Maker LeEco Challenges Tesla In The Self-Driving Car Industry

Chinese automaker LeEco featured its electric concept car in Beijing. more

Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Old Lady Rides A Tesla On Autopilot And Totally Freaks Out

A 70-year-old lady found out how it feels behind the wheel of a self-driving car. more

Bentley logo

Bentley Driverless Concept Features Holographic Butler

For Bentley a virtual holographic butler represents the ultimate luxury in autonomous driving. more

Delphi Automotive Showcases Its Driverless Car, After Completing Cross Country Trip

Self-Driving Cars Must Be Driven This Long to Determine Their Safety - Report

Autonomous driving vehicles are envisioned to populate roads of the future, but today's safety concerns are doing the reality-check. more

Google's Self-Driving Car

Driver Assistance Systems Could Save Thousands Of Lives, Billions Of Dollars, Study Finds

Boston Consulting Group found in a recent study that new auto safety technology could save 10,000 lives and $251 billion more

Delphi Self-driving car

Self-Driving Cars May Make People Car Sick

Self-driving cars are coming, that much is clear. Instead of worrying about how they'll interact with non-self-driving cars, or stop signs, it seems we should all be more concerned if they'll come with barf bags. more

Google Logo

Google Director Wants Autonomous Cars in 5 Years For 'His Son'

The director of Google's self-driving cars is dedicated to making sure driverless vehicles are standard within five years so his 11-year-old son doesn't have to take a driver's test. more

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