Nissan Leaf

Nissan's November US Sales Rise 13 Precent

Tesla Model, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Sales Poised For Big Bump, How About the Grid?

Tesla Model, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt sales might be rising but it poses a threat to the region's power grid. more

Detroit Hosts Flagship North American International Auto Show

Nissan Leaf Gets A Makeover; Electric SUV, Sports Car Crossover On The Rise?

Recent news disclosed the possibility of Nissan Lead undergoing a makeover, transforming into a more pumped up electric SUV, sportscar or even a crossover. more

Nissan Leaf

Security Flaw In Nissan Leafs Presents Hack Vulnerability

Australian security researcher Troy Hunt has discovered an issue in the Nissan Leaf's companion app that makes the electric car's heating and conditioning system vulnerable to hacking. more

Nissan LEAF

2015 Nissan LEAF Available For $10,600 In Group-By Black Friday Deal In Colorado

Electric car owners can now join in on the Black Friday madness, as Nissan is giving customers in Northern Colorado a chance to buy its 2015 LEAF compact car for just over $10,000. more

Plug-In EVs

Electric Cars Outperform Gas-Powered Vehicles In Cutting Emissions, Study Finds

Since the average electric car in the U.S. produces pollution equivalent to that of a gas car that gets 68 miles per gallon, EVs cut emissions by 60 percent compared to their fossil-fuel counterparts, the study noted. more

Nissan Electric Car Concept

Nissan To Unveil Electric Car Concept At 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Hints At Next-Gen Leaf

Nissan is set to unveil several concepts at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show this week, and one of them hints at the next generation of the electric Leaf. more

Rolling Coal

Rejoice Environmentalists: New Jersey Bans 'Rolling Coal' in Diesel Vehicles

Rolling coal is now illegal in the Garden State which means if you see a diesel vehicle spewing black smoke they're going to get a ticket. more


Earth Day 2015: 5 Cars to Consider, Not Just EVs

You don't have to trade in your car for a bicycle just yet. more


Nissan Charging Leaf for Free

Nissan Leaf vehicles purchased or leased as of April 1 or after will include a special card to plug in at charging stations for free. more

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