Hyundai Kona

Efficient and Cost effective, Get Any of These Seven Electric Cars That Will Make Your Wallet Happy

Buying an electric vehicle that will be efficient and cost-effective starts with these. From the freebies and other savings that these green cars are good for a happy wallet. Check them out and see what they offer. more

New 2018 Kia Stonic is a BEAUTIFUL SUV! This or Hyundai KONA ?

2018 Kia Stonic Revealed As The New Hottest Crossover Of The Brand

Kia has unveiled the new Stonic and predicts it will become of the best-selling models when it launches in September. more

Hyundai's Kono Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Teases Its Kona Electric SUV With A $39,000 Price Tag [VIDEO]

Hyundai also announced that the Kona will be unveiled to the public on June 13. more


Hyundai Kona Latest Teaser Video Reveals Aggressively Muscular Form

Hyundai has just released a new teaser video showing the muscular form of the new Kona. more

2017 Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona All Set To Take Down Nissan Juke? June Launch Happening

Hyundai Kona is expected to be Nissan Juke's toughest competitor. more

2017 Hyundai Kona (Hyundai Intrado Concept)

Hyundai Kona, Will It Be As Spectacular As Hawaii's Big Island? Yes!

Hyundai Kona is named after a district in Hawaii's Big Island and is expected to be launched late this year. more

South Korean Exports Take Sharpest Plunge In Six Years In August

Hyundai Kona: Brand's Latest Small Crossover Flagship Model

The vehicle developing under the Korean automaker's small crossover OS project can be called as the Hyundai Kona. What are its specifications? more

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