Go Ultra Low Electric Vehicle on charge on a London street

Nissan Leaf Sees Sales Surge, Gets Trampled By Chevy Volt Hybrid Anyway

The Nissan Leaf saw a surge in units sold, but its increase is not enough to compete with EV giants like the Chevy Volt Hybrid. more

Panamera from Kreisel Electric

Austrian Brothers Take On Tesla With Better Power Pack Technology

Austrian startup claims their battery pack technology allows the Li-Ion cells to retain their power longer than those from Tesla, leading to cars that have longer ranges and faster acceleration. more

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Hearse Concept Makes For A Zero-Emmission Funeral Procession

The Tesla Model S Hearse is perhaps the last thing that makers of the EV could have ever though thought the sedan would be transformed into but nonetheless is a laduable effort. more

Electric VW Beetle

Classic Beetle Transformed Into An EV, Gets 100 Mile Range, 0 - 62mph Comes Up In Under 10 Seconds

Those who simple adore their classic cars but love the ease and efficiency of electric vehicles can have their timeless beauties transformed into an EV from Classic Electric Cars. more

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Likely Working On Smaller Mission E, New Small SUV

Porsche CEO confirmed the platfrm coddenamed J1 underpinning Mission E is scalable, which means there is scope for developing a smaller as well as bigger more luxirious vehicles based on the J1. more

German Summit On Electric Mobility

Volkswagen Attempting Electric Vehicle Onslaught At The Upcoming Paris Motor Show

For Volkswagen, perhaps the best way to get past the dubious emission scandal is to go for zero-emission vehicles, which is exaclty what the company is attempting at the moment. more

'Tesla of Buses' Proterra Catalyst E2 Goes 600 Miles On A Single Charge

'Tesla of Buses' Proterra Catalyst E2 Goes 600 Miles On A Single Charge

It travels for 18 hours straight without the need of charging, too. more

Sono EV

Sono Motors' New Solar-Powered EV Gets $200,000 Crowdfund Support; Sion To Launch In 2018

The German start-up Sono Motors is the newest kid in town to come up with an affordable electric vehicle. The Sion, as the company's breakthrough car is named, will also have a solar panel fitted onto it to add another 18 miles to the range. more

Volkswagen Budd-E at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

New Volkswagen EV To Have The Range Of A Tesla From Just 15-Mins Of Charging

Volkswagen chairman Herbert Diess has revealed they have a new all-electric vehicle to show off at the Paris Motor Show. The said vehicle will have a range of 300 miles (500 kms) and will require just 15 mins to attain full charge, all this while costing less than a conventionally powered car. more

Volkswagen Continues To Struggle With Emissions Cheating Consequences

Volkswagen To Present 300 Mile EV Prototype At Paris Show

Volkswagen is all set to walk into the EV market, although it is still coping up with the diesel emissions scandal. The German automaker has planned to release 30 new EVs by 2025 and will start the journey with Paris Motor Show. more

China Daily Life - Luxury

Global Auto Brands, Chinese Government Pushes For EVs To Enter Auto Market

The 2016 Beijing Auto Show saw global auto brands keen on not giving up on the Chinese car market. more

IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Fair 2014

Tesla Faces New Challenge From China's Free Self-Driving Cars

Tesla faces another rival in the form of LeSEE. more

Car Makers Reveal New Models At N. American International Auto Show In Detroit

Volvo Sets One Million Cars' Goal By 2025, With A Bonus Car By 2019

The Swedish auto manufacturer has decided to take a big leap towards the EV bandwagon, and wants to challenge Tesla for it. more

Detroit Hosts Flagship North American International Auto Show

Washington State Boosts Incentives For More EV Models

This would greatly help EV owners get big savings on their next car purchase. more

Go Ultra Low Electric Vehicle Chargepoint

Auto Industry Now Believes Electric Vehicles Are Superior, Higher Record Number Of Sales Expected This Year

EVs are becoming a favorite amongst people who actually owned them. more

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