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Driverless bus

First Autonomous Buses To Hit Public Roads in Switzerland Next Year

Swiss startup BestMile plans on bringing the world's first driverless buses to Switzerland in 2016. more

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Lists 20 Least Reliable Cars

Consumer Reports has unveiled its list of the 20 least reliable cars of 2015. more

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Concept

Xbox Creates Ford-Inspired Elite Wireless Controllers (PHOTOS)

Xbox and Ford teamed up to release wireless controllers based on Ford GT designs. more

2017 Bugatti Chiron prototype

Bugatti Chiron Prototype Spotted On Open Road In Italy? (PHOTO)

An Instagrammer apparently spotted the 2017 Bugatti Chiron while it was cruising in Italy and posted a photo of the test mule online. more

Road & Track

American Cars: Ford, General Motors And Fiat Chrysler Are Top Performance Cars

American car makers made the top eight finalists for Road & Track's Performance Car of the Year. more


VW Recalls 92,000 Cars To Fix Issues With Brakes

Volkswagen looks to recall approximately 92,000 vehicles in the U.S. due to problems with the brakes that could possibly lead to a crash. more

Volkswagen Toureg

EPA Says VW Installed 'Cheat Code' In Audi, Porsche SUVs

The EPA revealed Monday that some Audi and Porshe SUVs had VW's diesel-defeat engine software that allowed the automaker to cheat on emission tests. more

Sun-powered car

Delft University Wins 2015 World Solar Car Race In Australia (VIDEO)

Eco-friendly cars competed in Australia's biennial sun-powered car race, and Delft University's Nuon Solar Team came out on top. more

Ferrari Listed On NYSE

Ferrari Shares Now Listed On New York Stock Exchange (PHOTOS)

Ferrari zoomed onto Wall Street with its initial public offering and luxury cars parked in front of the New York Stock Exchange. more

Domino's DXP

Domino's Builds Pizza Delivery Car Through Partnership With GM, Google

Domino's has revealed its own pizza delivery car designed to keep up to 80 pizzas warm in its built-in oven. more

Tesla Model S Autopilot

Drivers Testing Out Tesla Model S' Self-Driving Capabilities (VIDEO)

Tesla Model S owners can now sit back while their car drives on local streets, highways, locates a parking spot and parallel parks. more

QUB Electric DeLorean

Irish Students Build Electric DeLorean To Celebrate 'Back To The Future' Day (PHOTOS)

Students at Queen's University Belfast built an all-electric DeLorean and unveiled it on Oct. 21, a.k.a. "Back to the Future" Day. more

Bentley App

New Facial Recognition App Helps You Build The Perfect Bentley (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

The new Bentley app will configure the perfect car for you by analyzing your face. more


Self-Driving Cadillac Tested On Virginia Highway

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) used I-95 in northern Virigina Monday morning to test its new self-driving Cadillac more

Yokohama Tires

Yokohama To Add Small Spoilers To Tires To Increase Fuel Efficiency

Tire spoilers are Yokohama's next big innovation for increasing fuel economy. more

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