Internet Market Considers MIcrosoft Bid for Yahoo

Google To Stop Potential ISIS Recruits Through ‘Redirect Method’

Google’s initiative – called the Redirect Method – aimed at potential ISIS recruits yielded positive results after it launched the project earlier this year. It was so effective, in fact, that the tech giant is planning on relaunching the program to help the ignorant see the hypocrisy of the extremist group. more

Breathalyser Test

Woman Crashes BMW Z4, Driving Three Times The Legal Alcohol Limit

A woman who crashed her car into a roundabout in Worcester, England, was driving more than the legal alcohol limit. Found driving three times more than the drink drive limit, the woman admitted, and entered a guilty plea, before the magistrates. Another driver driving three times more than the limit crashed his car, with his 2-year old baby inside. more

Katy Perry Agrees to Work with Taylor Swift on One Condition

Katy Perry Agrees to Work with Taylor Swift On One Condition

Perry has admitted that she's open to doing a collaboration with Taylor Swift on one condition. And it remains to be seen whether the latter will agree to the former's request or not. more

South Koreans Hold Rallies Against Japan Regarding Territorial Dispute

South Korea To Retaliate Against Its Hostile Northern Neighbor Should Things Escalate

South Korea is planning on striking its hostile Northern neighbor after the Kim Jong-un conducted yet another nuclear test last Friday. With the growing fears and concerns, the US and neighboring countries are considering what heavy sanctions they will impose on North Korea this time. more

ZeniMax vs. Facebook: They Want $4 Billion for the Code Allegedly Used for the Oculus Rift

Facebook Backtracks Decision Regarding Deletion Of Iconic War Photo

Facebook reversed their decision in taking down an iconic war photo after waves of public criticism. The Norwegian Prime Minster is among those who protested and had some strong words for the giant social media platform. more

Algarve, Portugal

6 Beautiful European Vacation Spots That Are Budget Friendly

European trips can really be expensive. But also there are those that are light on the budget. Like these... more

South Koreans Hold Anti-North Rally

Recent Earthquake In North Korea Caused By Another Nuclear Test

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake have just been detected in North Korea raising alarm bells in both neighboring and international countries. US, Japan, China, and South Korea are closely monitoring the recent blast that is said to be the North’s most powerful nuclear test yet. more

Japanese Cosplay Blooms In Myanmar

One Piece' Episode 839 Spoilers & News: Shanks Comes To Luffy's Rescue?

The latest spoilers and updates of One Piece Chapter 839 is here! Find out what happen with Luffy as he faces the man with a thousand arms. Could we possibly see a wedding or can the group successfully rescue Shanks from it? more


19-Year-Old Woman Wins Years’ Worth Of Pizza; Decides To Donate It To Charity

Everybody loves pizza, it’s a universal fact. But 19-year-old Hanna Spooner refused to take a years’ worth of it after winning a raffle she randomly entered. more

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show & Audience

Drake Tour Bus Robbed: Thieves Steal Jewelry Worth $3 Million

One of the tour buses of Canadian rapper Drake was robbed on Tuesday while he was performing on stage with fellow rapper Future in Arizona. more

Madonna's Case Settled: Court Official Says Singer & Ex-Husband's Custody Case Solved

Madonna's Case Settled: Court Official Says Singer & Ex-Husband's Custody Case Solved

Singer Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s months-long custody battle over their teenage son finally came to an end in New York. It was confirmed on Wednesday by court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen that the chart-topping artist and film director had successfully reached a settlement, but did not disclose any other details. more

Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 News & Updates: YouTube, Netflix Apps Arrive Introducing 4K HDR Videos

Sony announced the launch of new Netflix and YouTube apps that has been developed specifically to make the most of the consoles new 4K playback and HDR capabilities. more

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Speeds Up iPhone 7 Pre-Orders And Release Before Samsung Can Recover From The Galaxy Note 7 Battery Scandal

Apple seems to be rushing with deliveries of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices looking to capitalize on the Note 7 scandal that Samsung has found itself in at the moment. more

Thousands Of Runners Compete In World's Largest High Heel Race Record Attempt

2017 Guinness World Records Bolder, Wackier Entries

For years the Guinness World Records has kept us entertained. Guinness' 62nd edition delivers the same grand impact it does every year. Here are some of the highlights of the freshly published 2017 Guinness Book World Records. Guinness’ 62nd edition delivers the same grand impact it does every year. Here are some of the highlights of the freshly published 2017 Guinness Book World Records. more

Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 - Front Row/Arrivals

Kanye West Yeezy Clothing Collection Struts in New York, Literally Falls Flat on its Face

Kanye West kicked off New York Fashion Week with his Yeezy Clothing Collection season four event where models fainted and the audience were left dissatisfied with the service and the showcase of style. more

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