Green Cars

Hybrid Volvo

Volvo Debuts First-Ever Diesel Hybrid, Portable Charger

Volvo launched the first plug-in diesel hybrid along with a display of a beautiful, practical electric car charger in Milan, Italy. more

Green Car

Top 5 Green Cars Chosen for 2014

Green Car Journal has chosen five finalists for its "Green Car of the Year" program. more


Toyota i-ROAD to Debut at Geneva Motor Show; Three-Wheeled Vehicle is Battery Powered and Seats Two (PHOTO/VIDEO)

The i-ROAD is a fully-enclosed, electric, tilting, three-wheeled Personal Mobility Vehicle from Toyota Motor Corp. more

Urbee 2

3-D Printed Car: Urbee 2 Can Make Cross-Country Trip on 10 Gallons of Gas?

The 3-D printed Urbee 2 is poised to be the next generation of urban automobile, capable of making a cross-country drive on 10 gallons of gas. more

Prius V

Toyota Announces Prices For 2013 Prius, Prius Plug-In, Prius V (PHOTOS)

Toyota announced this how much their new line of 2013 Prius models will cost. more

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors To Install 100 Supercharger Stations By 2015

Despite sales being down, Tesla motors announced to the public that they are planning to open 100 Supercharger stations by 2015. more

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma Receives Horrible Reviews

Consumer Reports just one of many to find numerous flaws with the hybrid Karma series. more

Nissan Logo

Battery Trouble For Nissan Leaf Owners

Nissan Leaf owners still have no answers from company as to why they are experiencing battery problems. more

Toyota Prius

Toyota To Release More Green Cars By 2015

Toyota is planning to expand there green vehicle lineup by 2015, including a hydrogen-powered car. more


Ford’s New Li-Ion Batteries Reduce Use of Rare Earth Metals, Enable Superior Fuel Economy for Fusion, C-MAX Hybrids

Ford’s third-generation hybrid system, which replaces nickel-metal-hydride batteries with new lighter, more efficient lithium-ion batteries, could reduce the company’s use of expensive, less-abundant rare earth metals by up to 500,000 pounds a year. more

Flying Car

Tesla Investor: Bigger Automakers Should Focus on Flying Cars

An investor in Tesla Motors Inc thinks it may be time for big competitors of the electric car maker to admit defeat on their electric models and focus on the next technological leap, perhaps flying cars. more

GM Volt

Polypore Expects Weak Second Half as Customers Delay Orders

Filtration products maker Polypore International Inc said it expects profit for the second half of the year to be similar or slightly below the first half as weak demand in July and August led to delays in customer orders. more

GM Volt

GM'S Volt: The Ugly Math of Low Sales, High Costs

General Motors Co sold a record number of Chevrolet Volt sedans in August — but that probably isn't a good thing for the automaker's bottom line. more


GM China Developing Cell Battery Systems for Use in Electric Vehicles

The car giant is trying to fabricate battery cells in order to push hybrid technology further more


Ford Focus Electric, C-MAX Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid Result of Larger AEV Push

The company has added green jobs and devoted a property to advancing the technology and production of its hybrid and electric vehicles more

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