Apple's iOS 8.1 Update Could Fix Bluetooth Car Connection Issues

Oct 06, 2014 10:40 AM EDT | Matt Mercuro


Apple's iOS 8 update has created problems for users who connect their iPhones to their car's stereo system through Bluetooth, but there are rumors that a fix is on the way with the iOS 8.1 update.

Since iOS 8 debuted in Sept., users have voiced their frustration with the apparent bug on the Apple Support Communities website. The issue appears to apply to a number of vehicle Bluetooth systems, from automakers like Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota, and even aftermarket stereo systems.

"Now when I am connected via Bluetooth, I place a call, and it says it's going over Bluetooth, but it doesn't interrupt my car's music, and the audio doesn't play over the speakers," one users wrote. "The only way I can talk to the person is if I press the Audio button on the phone and select speakerphone or iPhone as if it wasn't connected to the car."

A number of issues reported by users include the devices refusing to pair entirely, neglecting to play audio over the speakers, or disconnecting when a call comes in, according to MacRumors.

Users have also reported that iOS 8 has introduced problems when trying to play music, podcasts or other audio through vehicle's speakers, according to AppleInsider.

Though problems weren't addressed by Apple's iOS 8.0.2 update, users who are testing iOS 8.1 have said the beta software seems to fix the problem.

Apple's iOS 8.1 is still in private developer testing and is not available to the public yet.

Some users have said they were able to fix the issue by resetting their iPhone's settings. Doing so can cause another bug however. By choosing the "Reset All Settings" option in iOS 8, your iCloud Drive data will be deleted, according to the Apple forum.

Some users have also posted on the forums that the solution was only temporary, and that Bluetooth only worked as expected for a short time before it stopped working properly again.

"So I had two random days of bluetooth working for no reason. This morning, it no longer works," user 'Skape4321' wrote. "Certainly strange that it seems to pick random days to function properly."

Apple's iOS 8.1 update is expected to arrive later this month, so hopefully by then they've figured out how to fix the issue once and for all. 

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