20 Most Ticketed Cars in America Named

Oct 03, 2014 04:40 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro


One in three drivers of the Subaru WRX has a recent traffic violation, according to a study by Insurance.com.

The online insurance information website put the all-wheel-drive sport-compact atop its list of vehicles that get the most tickets.

The most ticketed-brand overall was Scion. At least 27.5 percent of all owners reported a traffic violation, according to a press release issued by the insurance site.

For its study, Insurance.com analyzed data from 526 models and more than 557,000 recent customers.

"Cars don't get tickets, drivers do - but those drivers like the WRX," said Insurance.com Managing Editor Des Toups, according to the release.  

Younger drivers tend to receive a greater number of traffic violations than the older drivers who are more likely to buy more pricey models.

The top-20 list contains sporty cars, like the Scion FR-S and Mitsubishi 3000 GT, but also includes the hybrid Toyota Prius C.

The cars that get the most tickets includes:

1. Subaru WRX - 33.6 percent

2. Pontiac GTO - 32.7 percent

3. Scion FR-S - 32.6 percent

4. Toyota Supra - 30.8 percent

5. Subaru Tribeca - 29.7 percent

6. Volkswagen Rabbit - 29.6 percent

7. Mercury Topaz - 28.8 percent

8. Scion tC - 28.8 percent

9. Toyota FJ Cruiser - 28.4 percent

10. Mazda Mazda2 - 28.1 percent

11. Hyundai Veloster - 28.1 percent

12. Volkswagen GTI - 28.1 percent

13. Suzuki Reno- 28.1 percent

14. Scion xA - 27.8 percent

15. Pontiac G8 - 27.7 percent

16. MINI Cooper S Countryman - 27.5 percent

17. Mitsubishi 3000 GT - 27.4 percent

18. Saturn Aura - 27.1 percent

19. Infiniti QX56/QX80 - 27.1 percent

20. Toyota Prius C - 27.0 percent

"It's not about horsepower," Toups said. "The Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper and Nissan GT-R rank well below average for tickets even though they can easily double the highest speed limits. But those cars are also costly, so their buyers tend to be older and take fewer risks."

Nineteen percent of all drivers since 2010 reported having a traffic violation. The most common offense is speeding, but others included failure to yield and drunken driving, according to the study.

Insurance companies pay more attention to claims than tickets when setting rates on particular vehicles.

"If you have an accident, it helps to drive up the rates of everyone who owns that kind of car," Toups said. "Tickets tend to drive up your rates alone."

Insurance.com excluded cars from the study if fewer than 50 quotes for that vehicle were requested. This means, for example, there is a chance that 100 percent of Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Lamborghinis, and Ferrari drivers have gotten recent tickets, along with other exotic cars.

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