Sasquatch Hunters Haven't Given Up on 'Seeing Something That Doesn't Exist'

Aug 09, 2014 10:53 AM EDT | Jordan Ecarma


Despite recent evidence that purported "Bigfoot" hair samples come from other animals, some believers haven't yet given up hope in the legendary Sasquatch.

John Ray and Rob Parker have spent years scouring Snohomish County forests in the state of Washington for the mythical animal, and they don't plan on stopping, the Associated Press reported.

They know they're on a strange mission, but neither can let go of belief in the 10-foot-tall, apelike biped described by people who claim they have encountered Bigfoot.

"When you rule out everything that lives in that forest, what are you left with?" Ray told the AP. "You can't say it's not a Sasquatch."

Using dash cams, thermal imaging and audio recording equipment, the two men each drove a truck along a Washington highway last month to hunt for Sasquatch.

"We're going to see what jumps out in front of us," Ray said. "Hopefully, we'll get something big and bipedal."

Both of the men have Bigfoot sightings to share.

Parker said he was fishing at Mount Si in 1969 when a hairy creature pushed aside a bush and looked out.

"There was this godawful, roaring scream," he described. "It was terrifying. It clearly did not want us there."

As for Ray, he got hooked on the Sasquatch chase in 2008 after participating in a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization expedition and seeing a mysterious figure close to the campsite.

 "I saw these two huge, glowing red eyes," he said of the encounter. "They were the size of 50 cent pieces, nine feet off the ground."

Ray describes himself as a "logical person" and said he never expected to see a Bigfoot.

 "You get this thrill of seeing something that doesn't exist," he told the AP.

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