2014 International CES: The $8,000 Bed That Has Everything

Jan 08, 2014 11:06 AM EST | Jordan Ecarma


An $8,000 price tag may seem like too much to pay for a bed. But this bed is unlike any you've seen before.

Showcased at this week's International CES, the Sleep Number x12 bed, which will be available for purchase on Feb. 8 in a queen-size version for $8,000, practically does everything except make you a midnight snack.

According to a TIME report, the x12 lets owners adjust firmness and softness on each side independently, which is a quality found in every Sleep Number bed.

But beyond that, the bed has numerous other features that will make your own bed sound barely worth sleeping in.

The x12 joins the latest wave of technology by using wireless, which can connect to a home network or to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

The Internet connection allows sensors built into the bed to track sleep patterns and relays the data to an app, which gives the owner a sleep score. Partners can even compete to see who gets a better score for sleeping.

The bed can act as a sleep tracker, monitoring your heart rate and how frequently you move about in the night.

Besides allowing independent adjusting for softness, the bed helps out if a partner is snoring. With a touch of the Partner Snore button, the x12 will tilt the head of your partner's side of the bed 6 degrees, which should be just enough to make the snoring stop.

This pricey but innovative bed also takes care of lighting in your room. It connects to bedside lamps, so lights can be scheduled to switch off at a certain time or turned off by remote. Ambient lighting shoots from under the bed as well to be a night light of sorts.

TIME writer Doug Aamoth describes the bed as comfortable and adds that it has memory foam as well as a full-body massage feature--"because of course it does."

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