12 Tips for New Drivers

Jan 22, 2020 01:46 AM EST | Staff Reporter

12 Tips for New Drivers

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The modern generation may be proficient with social media posts and the use of smartphones, yet driving a car still remains one of those practices that requires experience and a set of practical skills. The new drivers who have just passed the test face the natural fear of hitting the road because even though it is exciting and they just cannot wait to drive, there are many things that require automation. Even with the smart cars and all the technology in our hands, it always helps to know how to act in a difficult situation and what to look out for. 

The golden rule says that it takes practice, which is not new but even a qualified driver remembers that it is not possible to cover every situation during the test, so there are little tips and tricks that help stay in control. There are many things to consider like posture, correct hand positions on the steering wheel, accurate use of the signs, and even the personal discipline. It always helps to overcome that familiar nervous feeling. There are also additional driving courses, yet when it is not an option, these helpful tips will do. 

12 Driving Tips for New Drivers 

1. The most important aspect when a newbie learns how to drive is to avoid distractions, which basically means talking to a friend in the backseat or listening to the radio. It also includes the use of smartphones while driving. A major problem is that while one person may abide by all the driving standards, there are those who ignore them, so keep your mind aware of this fact. 

2. Adjust your mirrors before you go. Always check your car's mirrors before you start driving because it can be extremely dangerous to correct them on the go. These are meant to let you see the blind spots, so make sure that it meets your height and the posture. 

3. Never speed up. We are often in a hurry and it may be a job interview or trying to check-in for the exams during the last minute, yet it is not an excuse to speed up and drive like a racer. It is much better to get your assignment help in advance by turning to professional online writers. It will include an expert proofreading, grammar, thesis statement correction, if necessary, plagiarism check, and getting things done just in time. You won't be late with the submission of your essay and won't risk your life driving quickly.

4. Practice correct parking. The most difficult thing for new drivers is learning how to park without ruining nearby cars or spending too much time trying to adjust to a narrow passage. Practice reverse parking as well in a safe place within definite distance markers.  

5. The rules of merging. Patience is the key because there is no need to make sudden movements or be the first person to make a traffic leap. It is a challenging moment, so keep calm, look for the gaps, and always adjust your speed to the situation. 

6. The indicator lights. Alert others of your intentions and do not be like some drivers that ignore the use of lights while driving. It should become second nature to you because it also helps the pedestrians to avoid traffic accidents. 

7. Meeting the weather conditions. Never ignore the bad weather and drive accordingly. If there are weather warnings for drivers, consider public transport or asking a more experienced friend. 

8. Keeping eyes on the road. One of the crucial tips for new drivers is to watch the road, especially if there are no cars ahead or behind you. 

9. Dealing with aggressive drivers. Call the traffic police, stay calm, and just ignore the angry types. 

10. The road signs knowledge. Use the rules accordingly as you drive and watch out for the warnings. 

11. Driving with a good friend. If there is a chance, consider an opportunity. 

12. Keep calm. No matter what happens, stay confident. It is what all professional drivers do! 

The Insurance Matters & Good Attitude 

What the tips for drivers do not mention is that insurance for those who are just starting out is usually much higher, which means that the companies assume that there will be more traffic accidents for those who have just passed the test. Fortunately, there are additional training courses and practices like ride sharing. It means that the family members share the same car and spend less. It is still too early to tell whether it brings risks to the automotive industry but one thing is for certain, such an attitude helps to take care of the environment and decrease the pollution levels. Moreover, using fewer cars helps to get rid of the traffic jams and have a different, efficient insurance package for the family. It also helps to establish closer bonds among the family members as the car is shared between parents and children or among siblings. It is especially relevant for young people who can save funds for the studies and focus on other enjoyable experiences. After all, driving a parent's car brings way more confidence as everything seems safe and familiar when it is a car you already know well!  


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