Will Tesla Owners Be Happy with an Extra $10 per Month for Connectivity or Not

Dec 13, 2019 09:49 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Will Tesla Owners Be Happy with an Extra $10 per Month for Connectivity or Not
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No more free data for Tesla owners with a $10 fee, with two connectivity packages. Will they be happy, or pay up but they have no choice in the matter.

Nothing lasts forever, Tesla owners are going to pay an additional fee when hooking up to servers. Each month $9.99 will be shelled out by them to keep the updates coming via OTA. One question is, will Tesla owners be game with the $10 charge, which was a free service before. The lucky ones who bought their Model 3 or Model S after July 1, 2018, will be the ones paying up. Tesla cars are most advanced, and they have the best onboard tech, on any electric car. But, the catch is it needs regular updates to perform at peak condition. You need to constantly update OTA (over the air) to keep the cars AI in full operation. This leads to the ringer that connectivity is crucial, paying up is the only option to keep the car at optimum performance.

To give them an option to get several levels of connectivity are available. Several of these options are standard and premium connectivity plans. If the customer goes for a standard package, that will include basic service options like maps, navigation, multi-media with Bluetooth protocols, and updating all the car's programs over WiFi. For most Tesla vehicles, it is standard and not an extra option.

Should you require something more substantial there is a premium connectivity package that comes with some extras that are not part of the standard option. In the box, not out of the box your modern Tesla gets premium high-definition satellite view maps, even get to see road rage in-action via live feed traffic imaging. Next, get Youtube and Netflix while driving or waiting in traffic as the premium options. Everything is all better peering into a big LCD than squinting on a mobile phone. Tesla got the multi-media covered and all for an extra expense.

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All these concerns about topping a fee for connectivity points out to increase of data used that was a free service before. The large LCD of Tesla cars naturally will have more use for multi-media, watching YouTube and catching up on Netflix shows when on road trips. More data use will cost money, and Tesla is concerned about how much it costs and someone has to pay for it. Tesla is now reconsidering free data as reflected by its move. Those who own a Tesla will not have a problem with $120 to spend for premium, but some might have ruffled wallets.

Buyers of the Model S, Model 3, and Model S get a free-year premium to connect package if the trim is a premium interior. Should those who got Model 3, whose trim is partial premium interior that has standard connect package for a whole month.

All purchased Model 3's before July 2018, has the entry-level premium connectivity package as long as the car runs. Where will the cost of free connectivity come from? Costs are not free, and someone has to pay up because it is an expensive free service to sustain.

 Tesla's first model of free connectivity worked and sold cars, but these cars need massive amounts of data to support it. Maybe Tesla owners will be happy paying for YouTube or Netflix for $10 more. When a simple mobile with free data will cost nothing.

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