2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class Teased Through LinkedIn Recently!

May 18, 2017 01:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class has been recently teased through LinkedIn. Usually, upcoming cars are shown through spy photos and unofficial leaks. This time around, Daimler boss himself offered a view of the heavily camouflaged A-Class through his LinkedIn account.

Daimler chairman, Dieter Zetsche, showed the A-Class through his professional social media account. He described the upcoming A-Class as being "special." He also said the camouflage will be removed to give the world a glimpse of it at some point next year. The photo posted was taken after its recent test drive, which also involved another upcoming vehicle, the CLS.

The Daimler chairman has added that Mercedes-Benz has plans to expand its compact lineup to eight that includes the A Class Sedan. Such vehicles are expected to come with impressive and best of its class autonomous driving technology.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class is expected to come with the dash and central screen integrated as opposed to attaching it on as in the current model. The side mirrors are changed for being mounted on the doors instead of higher up the base of the A-pillars. Such change is definitely key contributing factor for the vehicles safety. It provides increased driver's visibility for more control.

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz hatch is reported as first to ride the next-generation version of current MFA platform. Such platform significantly reduces weight for increased capacity for alternative powertrains. This then results to the hatch being more capable of producing greater speed and better handling.

The upcoming A Class does boast of generous proportions for its interior. It is expected to come with more space than the current one. Interior quality is also kicked up a notch for using more premium materials. Its biggest change, however, comes from under the bonnet.

The 2019 Mercedes- Benz A Class will have the introduction of a new plug-in petrol hybrid, which offers pure electric range of over 50km. There is definitely a good reason why the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class has been teased through the chairman's LinkedIn account. This provides a much-needed excitement, expected to last until its official debut next year.

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