Nio EP9 Record Breaker At "The Ring" For Its 6:45:90 Time!

May 15, 2017 01:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


The electric vehicle Nio EP9 smashed and broke Nurburgring record. It did such record enough to be the fastest production car on earth at present. Car enthusiasts were left with so much awe that it did achieve such a feat very recently.

The Nio EP9 is a supercar and it is called as such for a very good reason. It gives a real and tangible meaning to the word "Super" as proven recently at Nurburgring. It is now back with a vengeance after setting a record of 7:5:12 back in October last year.

The most recent record was even more insane at 6:45:9. The company was not too keen on claiming that its car is the fastest production car ever but Nurburgring Lap Times took note of the record making it on top of its list. The company has yet to release an official validated time of the video that came out. Reports suggested that such validated time may be out anytime this week or next.

The Nio EP9 is actually road legal but it is nothing close to being readily available. It is elusive as each vehicle is made to order. There are only six made for its first run and another 10 for its second run that has been announced.

So, what is responsible for such insane record-breaking speed? Well, it is primarily because of its four electric motor and carbon fiber body making it extremely lightweight. It is capable of producing a mind-blowing 1,360-horsepower and 1,091 pound-feet of torque. Such brute power and performance are definitely a tough act to follow.

It can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 2.7-seconds, with a top speed of 195 mph. The Nio EP9 battery is also able to provide 265 miles that is a good distance coverage for usual city driving. Its performance after being on track for long has yet to be seen. There's no telling what this supercar can do in the near future, but prepare to be blown away more.

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