2016/2017 Honda Civic’s Console Unveils Hidden Treasures! Unveil The Commemorative Designs Now!

May 05, 2017 11:30 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

The 2016 and 2017 Honda Civic sedan has been found with some Easter eggs hidden on its center console. However, only the EX trim level units carry those treasures.

It has been a common practice for automakers to burry some treasures inside their cars. Majority of brands hide their Easter eggs on the rooftops.

On the contrary, it seems that Honda opted to go against the tide as it took a different scheme in burying their treasure. Apparently, the Easter eggs on the 2016/2017 Honda Civic sedan/coupe were hidden on the center console.

Furthermore, Honda seems to have planned to make the Easter egg hunt extremely confidential. Reports say that even the brand's PR department was clueless about it. Apparently, the designers who created the concept of the hidden treasure did not inform the other department about it.

Owners of 2016/2017 Honda Civic sedan/coupe may find four Easter eggs hidden on the center console of their units. The designers of the brand have hidden four unique treasures inside the console.

Owners may locate the Easter eggs in the form of a rubber spill mat at the bottom of the center console. However, the treasure may not unveil itself immediately. The owner needs to remove the mat first, turn and look at the other side, and underneath is the hidden treasure.

The hidden treasure is actually an embossed picture containing one intricate commemorative design in celebration of Honda's history in racing and engineering. Honda has reportedly prepared a total of four commemorative designs.

The first design contains the Honda RA106 F1 Car, Honda S800, Honda RC213V Motorcycle, HondaJet. This design depicts the motorsports history of Honda.

The RA106 F1 car in the design shows the car that Jenson Button drove in 2006. It was on that year that the brand's team came back to F1 after being absent since 1968.

The Honda S800 on the design shows the sports car that won the GT-1 class in 1968 at Japan's Suzuka. Whereas, the Honda RC213V motorcycle shown on the design was driven by MotoGP champion Marc Marquez. In addition, the HondaJet can also be spotted on the design.

The second design contains the Honda RX 166 Motorcycle, HondaJet and McLaren Honda MP4/4. The brand honored the racing champions through this design.

Honda honored the legendary Ayrton Senna which can be seen driving the McLaren race car. The six-time Grand Prix world champion Jim Redman was also honored as shown riding the RC166 motorcycle in this design.

The third design shows the Honda NS500 Motorcycle, HondaJet and Asimo. The star in this design is the popular Asimo robot. Moreover, the 1983 world champion Freddie Spencer can be seen riding the NS500 motorcycle.

The fourth design hidden in the center console of 2016/2017 Honda Civic sedan/coupe shows the Curtiss Special Race Car, HondaJet, and Honda RA272 Race Car. This last design depicts the long history of Honda in racing. The first championship title connected to Honda was achieved in 1924. At the Fifth Japan Motorcar Championship in 1924, founder Soichiro Honda rode as a mechanic in the Curtiss Special race car driven by Shinichi Sakakibara.

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